About Andy Kurtzig!

March 20, 2009
Andy Kurtzig

Andy Kurtzig

Mr. Andy Kurtzig leverages 14 years of professional business experience toward his current roles as Founder, CEO, and President of JustAnswer.com. Under Andy Kurtzig’s management, JustAnswer.com has increased in popularity such that it is now a top 300 website, according to Quantcast.com. The driving force behind JustAnswer.com, Andy Kurtzig invites millions of users to seek personalized answers from Experts, which include licensed attorneys, veterinarians, and car technicians, among others. With a diverse array of topics ranging from legal issues to relationship questions, Andy Kurtzig has built JustAnswer.com to be the go-to resource for anyone looking for Expert answers. No stranger to success, Andy Kurtzig has pursued several other entrepreneurial interests over the course of his professional career. Andy Kurtzig facilitated the development of his first company while a student attending the University of California at Berkeley. Andy Kurtzig’s first company, ANSER Corp., serviced and developed software to automate calendar listings for the newspaper industry. Having attained several high-profile clients, such as the San Francisco Bay Guardian and The Post Newspaper Group, Andy Kurtzig sold ANSER two years after its inception. Andy Kurtzig’s next venture was a web-based human resources management service called eBenefits. Through eBenefits, Andy Kurtzig successfully linked small businesses to a variety of human resources management services, including health benefits, insurance plans, a payroll service, and mutual funds for 401(k)s. After seven years managing eBenefits, Andy Kurtzig sold the company to an Inc. 500 Company. Andy Kurtzig earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of California at Berkeley. Andy Kurtzig graduated in 1994 after three and a half years of attendance. Mr. Andy Kurtzig currently resides in California’s Bay Area with his wife, daughter, and newborn. In his limited spare time, Andy Kurtzig enjoys learning about the latest technology, playing board games, and spending time with his family. An avid reader, Andy Kurtzig particularly enjoys books such as “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done” and “Profiles of Genius.”


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